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Alarming Rise in Theft of Car Number Plates in Sharjah

Afkar Abdullah / 26 April 2009

SHARJAH — Theft of car plate numbers has taken an alarming turn, with statistics Al Shurti, a Sharjah Police Publication, revealing that 263 complaints of car number plates have been reported in the emirate.

A complaint of number plate theft may  mean nothing to many, but as soon as it reaches the police officers, itraises concern.

“Theft of car number plates could lead to a series of crimes,” said Lt-Col. Yousif Al Naqbi Director of CID at Sharjah Police department.

Speaking to Khaleej Times  he added that  complaints of car number plates thefts in Sharjah have recorded a high percentage during the later half of last year and the begining of this year.

More than 60 per cent of the stolen car number plates were associated with crimes which were busted by Sharjah Police. These crimes included bootlegging as a large number of bootleggers use stolen plates and install it in the vehicles used in transportingalcohol beverages.

The police also nabbed number of youths who stole number plates to install it in their vehicles to participate in car racing during the middle of the night during holidays.

But the police during investigation of the cases also discovered that many made false complaints about the theft of their plates to avoid paying fines.

More than 35 number plates were stolen from the Sharjah industrial area alone. Most owners of the stolen number plates belonged to Indians, followed by UAE nationals.

Security Procedures

Lt-Col. Al Naqbi said car owners whose number plates have been stolen should approach the police station to prevent them from being responsible of any crime. The police immediately register the information and check the cars to insure whether it was damaged and they also collect finger prints.

The matter is then referred to CID officers for investigation and followup. Thereafter the owners will be able to go to the traffic department to get new number plates.

Lt-Col. Al Naqbi pointed out that under the instructions of Brig. Humaid Al Hadidi, Director General of Sharjah Police, inspection campaigns resulted in the seizure of 88 cars with stolennumber plates.

Captain Rashid Al Fardan, from the traffic police said the department provides the patrols with the list of stolen number plates.

Warning to Motorists

Motorists who try to make false complaints about theft of plates to avoid paying fines will face penalties.

Motorists whose plates are really stolen are urged to immediately approach the nearest police station.

Plate Victims

Mohammed Al Hatti, Manager of Rent A Car Company in Sharjah said the plates of four of his company cars parked in the company’s premises were stolen in January.

“I lodged a complaint. A week later I was informed by a CID officer that the stolen plates were found being used by bootleggers.”

Amaal Al Hamadi, said she went to her friend’s place in Al Qasimia to attend a birthday party inDecember, 2008.

“I parked the car in the public parking lot in Al Qasimia and when ready to go home I discovered that the number plate was missing. I immediately informed the police and got a lost certificate and was issued with a newone two days after.”


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