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Crime & Emergencies

Asian maid arrested for mixing chemical in baby's milk
Lab test results showed that a chemical substance named phenothrin, which is used in manufacturing insecticides, had been mixed with the baby milk.
Man seriously injured after jumping from fourth floor of hospital room
The police source said the patient is in critical condition and has fractures all over his body. There is also bleeding in the brain.
8 hurt as drunk man causes two accidents in Dubai
The civic workerís leg had to be amputated at the hospital and he was in a critical state at the time of filing this report.
Murderer in Dubai arrested one hour after crime
The Dubai Police Operations Room received information on Saturday that a man was stabbed and his body was lying in pool of blood in Al Satwa area in Dubai.
Motorist sustains 60% burns while lighting cigarette
A 34-year-old Emirati tried to light a cigarette and sustained 60 per cent burns while inhaling a petroleum substance, smoking a cigarette and driving at the same time in Sharjah.
Two lawyers suspended in Abu Dhabi
The decision was taken by the Lawyer Disciplinary Board of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department following a complaint lodged by a woman, who hired both lawyers.
Dh4.1 million fake cosmetics seized in Dubai raid
The products seized included shampoo bottles, soaps and skin care creams.
Maid charged with murder bid for knifing three children
The maid confessed that she arranged for the crime tools with which she tried to kill her sponsorís children after she was reportedly denied a leave.
Man allegedly jumps fourth floor in Al Majaz area, dies
The police are questioning the acquaintances of the deceased to ascertain the reason for the suicide.
46-year-old dies after being run over by speeding car in Sharjah
The driver, who is now in custody, was speeding and could not slow down when he saw the man crossing the road.
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